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The operator defines the criteria for a condition to evaluate true or false.

Conditions that do not specify operators use the default "equals" operator.

There is no "operator" attribute in AML, but a set of possible attributes. Each represents a particular criteria and takes an expression to use as argument for the operation as value.

Available operators are:

  • value (eq): equals.
  • ne: not equals.
  • lt: less than.
  • le: less or equals.
  • gt: greater than.
  • ge: greater or equals.
  • like: checks strings values.
  • isnull: checks if the value is null.
  • isnotnull: checks if the value is not null.
  • contains: checks if a collections contains a value.
  • in: checks if the value is in a collection.


    field = FIELD


  • Filtering fields using a less than (lt, <=) operator:

This filter filters all instances which weight is higher than the value of the filter field.

<filter display="primary" label="Weight (max)" name="filterByMaxWeight" type="integer">
            <condition field="weight" lt="filterByMaxWeight"/>

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