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autosuggest is an attribute of property.

Its possible values are:

  • autosuggest



The autosuggest attribute is used to indicate that possible values for a property should be suggested based on already entered values for that same property.

autosuggest is a special case of suggest and the only value it can take is "autosuggest".

Suggestions are shown inside a combo below the property with the autosuggest attribute. This combo is automatically displayed as user types in the field. Note that the user is allowed to enter a new value that is not suggested.

autosuggest only works for properties of type string or text and is not supported by collections.




The values for the city property are suggested based on previously entered values for the same property.

 <entity label="Address" name="Address">
        <property label="City" autosuggest="autosuggest" name="city"/>
Autosuggest example

When the user starts to write a value for the property, a list of existing values that start with the entered value are suggested.


 RESTful API: /(entityname)/suggest(propertyname)/(.*)  
maps to
 Java Class: (basepackage).(entityname) suggest(propertyname)()

For example, registers the /Address/suggestcity/(.*) service in the MainControllerAbstract REST Controller that maps to the suggestCity() method in the AddressServicesAbstract class.

Generates the suggestCity() method in the AddressServicesAbstract class.

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