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Tomcat Configuration

If Using Parameters with Slashes

If your application defines services that allow parameters with values that include slashes, such as dates, you must configure Apache Tomcat to allow them. To do this, set theorg.apache.tomcat.util.buf.UDecoder.ALLOW_ENCODED_SLASH system property to true. You can do this in the CATALINA_OPTS variable on start up. See Apache Tomcat Configuration Reference here:

If you're using Apache HTTP Server in front of your Tomcat or other servlet container you need to enable the use of slashes there too. To do this:

1 - Use AllowEncodedSlashes Directive as explained here .

2 - When using Apache mod_proxy, use the noncanon keyword in the ProxyPass directives as detailed here .

If your Apache HTTP configuration is using Virtual Hosts make sure you use the AllowEncodedSlashes Directive for each virtual host, as there is a bug that causes the directive not to work if used outside.

Hibernate Configuration

Disable Show SQL

Enable database connection pool

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