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Billing responsibles are the billing contacts in JRapid management system.


Billing responsibles have a main JRapid associated account. They can ask for services by theirselves or through the assigned administrators.

For example, a company named Software Inc. may assign 3 top-ranked employees' accounts to be administrators. So if an employee wants to create a new server, they can do it in behalf of the company, Software Inc.


As billing responsibles choose which users are their administrators, billing responsibles are obliged to pay for these users' actions in JRapid system.

  • On demand invoices: are created for on-demand services. Generally, these services are not provided until the invoice is payed.
  • Monthly invoices: are created for billing recurring services.

Lack of payment of invoices will give JRapid the right to suspend accounts and eventually, delete billing responsibles' products.

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