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The "class" attribute specifies the CSS class that defines the style of the property's field in the form.


<property ... class = CLASS ... />

The CSS class that defines the style. JRapid allows you to create your own stylesheets and use them to add your own design to your app.


This example uses a spreadsheet class for the list of products in an invoice entity.

 <property childproperty="invoice" '''class="spreadsheet"''' collection="set" embedded="inline"
 entity="InvoiceLine" extendable="extendable" label="Order details" labelposition="fieldset" 

You want to use CSS blue class:

<property name="name" label="Name" class="purple"/>

Create a css file styles.css ande place it somewhere in your JRapid project.

.blue {

and then include it in all generated HTMLs at config level using the usestylesheet attribute.

    <usestylesheet location="../css/styles.css"/>
Css style example

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