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displayproperties is an attribute of property.



The displayproperties attribute specifies which properties to show for a property of entity type.

The properties to show are specified separated by comma. More properties may be made accessible through a More column by setting them at the end of the displayproperties attribute separated from the primary values by a semicolon.


<entity ... >
        name = NAME
        label = LABEL
        entity = ENTITY
        embedded = "inline" | "detail" | "grid"
        displayproperties = PROPERTIES_SEPARATED_BY_COMMA


This example shows the use of displayproperties on an embedded collection inline with a More column defined by the use of two levels of display properties separated by a semicolon.

     <entity label="Work Order" menu="Menu" name="WorkOrder">
        <property display="primary" label="Order Date" name="orderDate" type="date"/>
        <property display="primary" label="Customer" name="customer"/>
        <property childproperty="workOrder" collection="set" embedded="inline" 
             entity="WorkOrderLine" label="Detail" name="workOrderLines"
             displayproperties="quantity,product,unitPrice,totalPrice;description,comments,done" />

    <entity label="Work Order Line" name="WorkOrderLine">
        <property entity="WorkOrder" label="Work Order" name="workOrder"/>
        <property display="primary" label="Quantity" name="quantity" type="integer"/>
        <property display="primary" label="Product" name="product"/>
        <property label="Description" name="description" type="text"/>
        <property label="Unit Price" name="unitPrice" type="double"/>
        <property display="primary" label="Total Price" name="totalPrice" type="double"/>
        <property label="Comments" name="comments" type="text"/>
        <property label="Done" name="done" type="boolean"/>

The resulting form looks like this.

Embedded collection inline with displayproperties and "More"

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