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form is an element, child of panel.



The form element includes a form of the specified entity inside a Panel.

By default, the included form will create a new record in the database every time it is submitted. It is much more useful if related to a listing included in the same panel.


   entity = ENTITY
   name = NAME
   title = TITLE
   defaultset = DEFAULTSET
   defaultsetparams = DEFAULTSETPARAMS
   panelheight = HEIGHT


A simple example shows how to include a stand-alone form in a Panel.

<panel name="Index" title="My Panel">
        <header><h1>JRapid Project</h1></header>
        <column width="100%">
            <form entity="Student" name="studentForm" panelheight="100%" title="Student"/>

The generated Panel looks like this.

Form in Panel example

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