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An interactive time series line chart with optional annotations. The chart is rendered within the browser using Flash.




           name = "name"
           view (required) = "googletimeline"
           date (required) = "x_axis_property_of_type_date"
           value (required) = "y_axis_property_of_type_integer" 
           desc (required) = "property_of_type_string" 
           title (required) = "property_of_type_string"
           options (optional) = "array_of_properties"

The timeline view uses the google visualization API. It is recomended to read the Timeline API for further customization.

Important !

You must include Google's jsapi (JavaScript API) file in your project to get the view running.

  <usescript location=""/>


The following entity stores weight records for persons. The listing displays for each date the weight of the person and a title and description displayed as annotations at the right of the chart. The record is oppened when an annotation is clicked.

 <entity label="WeightRecord" name="WeightRecord">
        <listing name="timelimeListing" view="googletimeline" date="date" value="weight" desc="comment" title="person" 
        <property display="primary" label="Age" name="age" type="integer"/>
        <property display="secondary" label="Weight" name="weight" type="integer"/>
        <property display="secondary" label="Date" name="date" type="date"/>
        <property display="secondary" label="Person" name="person" type="string"/>
        <filter display="primary" flag="like" label="Person" name="filterByPerson" property="person"/>
        <property display="secondary" label="Comment" name="comment" type="string"/>
Timeline form opened

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