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Its only possible value is:

  • gridheader



When a property is declared as gridheader, its value will appear as header when the parent entity participates in a embedded grid collection.


Taking the closest ancestor template (Do not use {{Property spec}}, enter Template:Property spec instead, and copy-paste here, leaving only required attributes + those attributes related to the parent attribute

         name = NAME
         label = LABEL
         label = ENTITY
         collection = COLLECTION
         embedded = (inline|detail|grid)
         childproperty = PROPERTY
         maxrows = ROWS
         minrows = ROWS
         listindex = LIST_INDEX
         listunique = LIST_UNIQUE
         setorder = SETORDER
         sort = SORT
         sortexpr = EXPR
         where = WHERE
         extendable = "extendable"
         sortable = "sortable"
         gridheader = "gridheader"
         gridvalue = "gridvalue" 
         displayproperties = PROPERTIES
         (foreach?, dynamicforeach?, ...)


You can see a gridheader example at grid location precipitation example, period property. You can see a gridheader example at grid student-grade example, subject property.

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