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Use this process to create an entity based on an MS Excel spreadsheet. It's like reverse engineering an Excel file. It creates an entity with the corresponding properties to represent the records in the file.

The process actually takes a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, so you should save your Excel file in this format first.



The import Excel process is done automatically through 3 steps

  • Create entity
  • Create database table
  • Insert rows to database

Running the Import Excel process

Go to the Create menu and click on the Import Excel option.


The Import Excel form is shown. Select the input CSV file and enter an entity name.


Click OK. When the process is done you should see you new entity in the Entity Diagram and the records should be there when previewing the list.


The current version of CSV importing has some limitations for its use.

  • First row must contain property names
  • Data types are discovered analyzing line 2 of excel file. All the spreadsheet must have an homogeneus format.
  • Does not check if there is another entity with the same name
  • Does not check if there is another table with the same name

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