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labels is an element child of config



The labels element is used for changing the text in labels and buttons.


           <label key="actions.more" value="More actions..." />
           <label key="actions.openEntity" value="Open Entity" />
           <label key="actions.actiongroup" value="Action Group" />
           <label key="audit.history" value="History" />
           <label key="boolean.false" value="False" />
           <label key="boolean.true" value="True" />
           <label key="embedded.detail.add" value="Add" />
           <label key="file.choose" value="..." />
           <label key="file.delete" value="X" />
           <label key="filters.advanced" value="Advanced filters" />
           <label key="" value="Save" />
           <label key="filters.title" value="Filters" />
           <label key="filters.toTab" value="To Tab" />
           <label key="form.cancel" value="Cancel" />
           <label key="form.ok" value="OK" />
           <label key="image.choose" value="..." />
           <label key="image.delete" value="X" />
           <label key="listing.add" value="Add" />
           <label key="listing.noResults" value="No results found." />
           <label key="listing.remove" value="Remove" />
           <label key="listing.showing" value="Showing" />
           <label key="listing.showing.of" value="of" />
           <label key="" value="to" />
           <label key="multiline.add" value="add" />
           <label key="multiline.body.more" value="More..." />
           <label key="multiline.down" value="down" />
           <label key="multiline.head.more" value="More" />
           <label key="multiline.remove" value="remove" />
           <label key="multiline.up" value="up" />
           <label key="panel.reports.title" value="Reports" />
           <label key="selectmultiple.add" value="Add" />
           <label key="selectmultiple.choose" value="Choose" />
           <label key="selectmultiple.remove" value="Remove" />


Change buttons and labels to spanish.

            <label key="form.ok" value="Aceptar"/>
            <label key="form.cancel" value="Cancelar"/>
            <label key="audit.history" value="Auditoría/Histórico"/>
            <label key="selectmultiple.choose" value="Elegir"/>
            <label key="selectmultiple.add" value="Agregar"/>
            <label key="multiline.head.more" value="Más"/>
            <label key="multiline.body.more" value="Ver Más..."/>
            <label key="listing.add" value="Agregar"/>
            <label key="listing.remove" value="Eliminar"/>
            <label key="listing.noResults" value="No hay resultados para mostrar"/>
            <label key="listing.showing" value="Mostrando de"/>
            <label key="" value="a"/>
            <label key="listing.showing.of" value="sobre un total de"/>

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