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listing is an element, child of panel.



The listing element includes a listing in a Panel.

The listing to be included is specified by the entity and listing attributes.

A title attribute can be supplied to be shown above the included listing.

A subset and, if needed, its corresponding subsetparams attributes may be used as well in order to restrict the entity records to be listed.

A defaultset may be used to initialize the form for any new record created from that listing. If parameters are needed, the defaultsetparams attribute may be used.

The panelheight attribute specifies the height this element should take from the containing panel's height.


        name = NAME 
        entity = ENTITY
        listing = VIEW
        title = TITLE
        subset = SUBSET
        subsetparams = SUBSETPARAMS
        defaultset = DEFAULTSET
        defaultsetparams = DEFAULTSETPARAMS
        panelheight = HEIGHT


A simple example shows how to include a simple listing in a Panel.

<panel name="Index" title="My Panel">
        <header><h1>JRapid Project</h1></header>
        <column width="100%">
            <listing entity="Student" name="studentListing" panelheight="20%" title="Students"/>

The generated Panel looks like this.

Listing in Panel example

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