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location is an attribute of report.


The "location" attribute indicates the level where the jasper file of a report will be located.

Possible values

  • Application:

When working in single-tenant applications, with a limited scope of reports, application reports are the best option in seek of quick inclusion and easiness of administration. The way of deploying this reports is copying the compiled .jasper file to the web application. The most simple method is just adding a new folder reports/ in WEB-INF directory and saving the file there. The JRapid plugin will put the file in the server.

If WEB-INF/reports/ is chosen as the containing folder, when adding the report through New > Report this folder should be specified in the file field.

Although this mode allows including reports really quickly, it is quite limited. Reports must be deployed by the developers of the system, new versions of the jasper file will be stored in the same folders as the code and there will be only one version of the report for all tenants (for all schemas of the application).

  • Repository:

When there is a need for a custom version of reports for each schema, or it is just necessary to let the administrator upload new versions you should use the "repository" location.

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