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menu is an attribute of property.



When laying out your JRapid components in a panel you can also include a menu that allows access to entity listings. The menu attribute for an entity indicates the menu option under which it is should be included.

Menus are placed at the top of the panel, right under the header if it exists.


   name = NAME
   menu = "MENU_NAME"
   label = LABEL


  • A menu for a CRM application.

Each entity in this example defines the "menu" attribute which specifies the menu in which it will be included as a menu item.

<entity label="Company" menu="Companies" name="Company">

<entity label="Seller" menu="Sellers" name="Seller">

<entity label="Opportunity" menu="Opportunities" name="Opportunity">

<entity label="Product" menu="Products" name="Product">



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