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panel is an element, child of app.



Panels are flat HTML pages that merge specific components of a JRapid application like menus, views, transformers, listings, forms, plain HTML and reports.

Panels work as an integration tool for lists and forms. They provide some organization to the generated application, and convert it from a big set of standalone Lists and Forms to a real application divided in modules oriented by its functional meaning.

JRapid generates a default panel "Index" which you can see on the top of the Entities Tree Panel on the left side of the JRapid Designer.

You can design your panels the way you want as they are standard HTML files. JRapid provides developers the use of columns and accordion layouts for a rapid Panel design.

Panel edition window.

The above image shows the Panel edit dialog window where you can edit the Panel contents. At the bottom of the window, a "restrict" checkbox is displayed. If checked, a privileges combobox will be appear to specify the privilege which can access that panel. To learn more about security in panels refer to the authorization page.


     name = NAME
     title = TITLE


  • Rental company in Argentina. The panel integrates a menu, a toolbar (transformer), and a calendar (view). From the menu, the administrator can manage bookings, send mails to owners, etc.
Panel example.
  • Sample CRM
Sample CRM
Sample CRM

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