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Projects are

  • Default file structure (Java and HTML)
  • Repository location
  • Database schema

What you can do

  • Generate using JRapid
  • Run project using Tomcat App Server, running in project's Server

Plus, each project has its own

  • Web based Designer (IDE) access
  • Plugin access




  • Administrators, which can
    • Access
    • Invite
    • Archive
    • Move
  • Not administrators
    • Just Access


Each type has quotas according to:

  • Users
  • Disk Space
  • Transfer

Available types:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Unlimited


According to project type:

  • Upgrade fee (1-time, when upgrading type)
  • Monthly fee


  • Servers provide a tomcat app server, so the app is mapped in the url


  • Deployments are the connections between projects and prod servers.

Create Project


  • Project main information
  • Users
  • Billing
  • Dev Servers
  • Prod Servers

Invite Users

  • Choose type of invitation (admin or not)
  • Enter email message
  • Enter email addresses
    • If existing users, they will be confirmed after writing the address
    • If new users, the invitation will include invitation to join JRapid

Change Billing Responsible

  • Billing responsible list shows B.R.'s where the current user is administrator.
  • User must be a project admin to change billing responsible.


Projects may be Archived. This blocks the project in order to prevent edition and prevents the project from generating any new billing charges.

Why would you want to Archive a Project

This is a list of common situations when archiving a project is needed.

  • When you are not going to work anymore on it. Either because you've finish development and published, or because you abandoned it.
  • When you don't want to get billed for this project anymore.

How to Archive a Project

  • Log in at
  • In the Projects Tab, select the projects you want to Archive.
  • Press the Archive action button. A confirmation message will be shown.
  • Confirm.

Now the selected Projects are changed into the Archived state. You may list your archived projects in the Archived tab.



Unarchive project to allow users to work with the project

Unarchive small project

Unarchiving is automatic

Unarchive other projects

Invoice is generated and must be paid before unarchiving

View Deployments

Deployments are the connections between projects and prod servers.

Deployment for free project in shared server

  • Shared Prod Server

Other deployments

  • Domains
  • Tenants

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