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property is an element, child of entity.



Entities are composed mainly of properties. Each property may be referred as a field in the entity's form, or a column in the entity's database table. Properties store values, collections of values, or relationships with other entities.

JRapid properties are defined by their type. This may be a built-in data type, such as string, integer or date, or it may be an entity-type.

Properties may specify many attributes that customize their behavior.


         name = NAME
         label = LABEL
         style = STYLE
         description = DESCRIPTION
         tooltip = TOOLTIP
         cache = "cache">
         unique = "unique" 
         primarykey = "primarykey" 
         enumset = ENUMSET
         required = "required"
         readonly = "readonly"
         widget = (select|combo|radio|selectmultiple|checkbox)
         comboproperty = PROPERTY
         maxlength = LENGTH
         minlength = MINLENGTH
         hint = "hint"
         class = CLASS
         display = (primary|secondary)
         type = (id|double|float|short|integer|long|boolean|string|text|longtext
         entity = ENTITY
         subset = SUBSET
         subsetparams = PARAMS
         collection = (set|list|sortedset)
         transient = "transient"
         embedded = (inline|detail|grid)
         labelposition = (left|top|fieldset)
         dimension = "row" | "column"
         childproperty = PROPERTY
         maxrows = ROWS
         minrows = ROWS
         listindex = LIST_INDEX
         listunique = LIST_UNIQUE
         setorder = SETORDER
         sort = SORT
         sortexpr = EXPR
         where = WHERE
         extendable = "extendable"
         sortable = "sortable"
         whennotinsubset = (donotshow|show|shownotvalid)
         default = DEFAULT
         expr = EXPR
         calculated = CALCULATED 
         calculatedtrigger = (onload|onchange|onchangenew)
         formula = FORMULA 
         displayif = CONDITION
         visibleif = CONDITION
         disabledif = CONDITION
         readonlyif = CONDITION
         checkif = CONDITION
         checkifmessage = MESSAGE
         displayproperties = PROPERTIES
         fixed = "fixed"
         hidden = "hidden"
         disabled = "disabled"
         invisible = "invisible"
         gridheader = "gridheader"
         gridvalue = "gridvalue" 
         width = WIDTH
         height = HEIGHT
         imagecopyof = IMAGECOPYOF
         fromyear = FROMYEAR
         toyear = TOYEAR
         autosuggest = "autosuggest"
         rememberlast = "rememberlast"
         icon = PATH_TO_ICON
         pattern = PATTERN
         (restrict?, enum*, displaycondition?, visiblecondition?, readonlycondition?,
         disabledcondition?, suggest*, dynamicvalue*, foreach?, dynamicforeach?, action*)


  • "string" properties.

The "string" type for a property is the default if no type is specified. The default widget for this kind of properties is a textfield without any validations.

Form widget Java code Hibernate mapping file Database column
String type
Name property
Generated java code Generated hbm Database column

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