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A Server is the development environment where your application runs on the JRapid Cloud for preview.

  • Shared Server: the default server type for new projects. Shared servers are available to every user when they register. Shared servers do not allow developers to upload custom Java code in order to guarantee security. They are shared because more than one project from different owners may be hosted in each server at the same time. HTML, JavaScript and CSS files may be edited through the Files view in the JRapid Designer.
  • Dedicated (Private) Servers: are not shared among different owners. This allows developers to upload custom code. There are different types of dedicated servers depending on the resources and usage limits:
    • Uptime is the total time the server is kept running in a month. When the project is not being used the server is automatically sent to sleep in order to save resources.
    • Transfer is the amount of data transfer allowed.
    • Projects is the number of projects allowed per dedicated development server.




  • Administrators, which can
    • Deploy
    • Create Deployments to it
    • Invite
    • Archive
    • Move
  • Not administrators
    • Just Deploy


There are 3 types

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Check JRapid Pricing page


According to server type

  • Creation fee (is calculated as the proportional remaining monthly fee)
  • Monthly fee

Create Server

Log in into you management console at and switch to the Servers pane.


Click on the Create button at the bottom of the Servers list.


Fill in the form with the required information for the server creation and click OK.


After the server is created, an Invoice will be shown. You may click on the PayPal link to pay using that service. If you have JRapid Credits available, then this option will be shown too.


Server Dashboard

Invite Users

  • Choose type of invitation (admin or not)
  • Enter email message
  • Enter email addresses
    • If existing users, they will be confirmed after writing the address
    • If new users, the invitation will include invitation to join JRapid

Change Billing Responsible

  • Billing responsible list shows B.R.'s where the current user is administrator.
  • User must be a server admin to change billing responsible.


Servers may be Archived. This blocks the server in order to prevent edition and prevents the server from generating any new billing charges.


Unarchive server to allow users to work in this server.

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