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Most development teams are used to working with a source control repository where they merge all the changes each developer introduces to the project. This is not different when working with JRapid. The best way to take advantage of the JRapid cloud development environment and code generation, as well as being able to work in teams, is to follow this schema.


By combining the use of the JRapid Eclipse Plugin and the typical working environment with a code repository such as an SVN, CVS or other, multiple developers may work on the same project.

First, a developer creates a project and syncs it to his workspace using the JRapid Eclipse Plugin. He then creates, for example, an SVN repository where he commits the whole project.

After this, each new developer added to the team checks out the project from the SVN repository to his workspace and then creates a new JRapid project in the cloud by using the JRapid Eclipse Plugin.

This will create a separate development environment for each user and enable them to make changes to the application without interfering with other developers work. Once they've refined and tested their modifications, they can commit them to the SVN.

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