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The "transient" attribute for an entity specifies that the entity will not be persisted in the database. Transient entities are common when using "related-entity" actions.


 <entity name = NAME label = LABEL transient="transient" />


Transient entities are common to be "verb entities" or "action" entities such as Login. A login form doesn‘t need to be stored in the database, just check if the user and password are correct.

Transient entity
 <entity encrypt="encrypt" label="Log In" name="Login" stereotype="Login" transient="transient">
        <row name="data">
                <property display="primary" label="Username" name="username" required="required"/>
                <property label="Password" name="password" required="required" type="password"/>
                <property default="'default'" hidden="hidden" label="Schema" name="schema" required="required"/>
        <next function="window.location = 'Index.htmli';" type="function"/>

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